Welcome to the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Denver. We are an American Kennel Club registered breed club and a regional club of Afghan Hound of America.

     Our members come from all walks of lives and across a variety of geographical areas with one commonality – a group of Afghan Hound lovers who are passionate about the preservation and welfare of Afghan hounds.

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  Our club holds monthly meetings, an AKC Sanctioned Afghan Hound Specialty Show, educational events, health seminars, breeder referral, public education and rescue.

     If you own or are considering owning an Afghan Hound we encourage you to come to our meetings and learn more about our unique and special breed and all the fun events you can partake of with your Afghan Hound – from confornmation dog shows, lure coursing, obedience, agility, therapy dogs or just living with an Afghan Hound.

2011 Speciality Information Available